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The Court of Leaves -

Limited Edition CD-book




The Court of Leaves


The Court of Leaves is my first completely instrumental album of Celtic, Medieval, and Renaissance music!   


 The album contains folk music and ancient melodies from France, England, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, and Scotland, which I've performed on over 20 different acoustic instruments.    


I recorded this album in 2013 - a sad year for me, as I was recovering from vocal cord nodes, and could not sing during the healing process.    Instead of letting all that time go waste, I decided to record this little album ^_^




Since it was a triumph not only to complete the album, but to have come through the year-long healing process and finally have my voice back, I decided to try releasing a very special physical copy of 'The Court of Leaves' to mark the occasion.   The copies I wanted to have made were out of my financial range, so after discussing it with my listeners, I started up a fundraiser for them via kickstarter.     

Thanks to my listeners, the kickstarter was very successful, and I was able to afford to have the beautiful physical copies made.  


The CD-book is actually a CD-sized 88 page hardback book, with a CD tray in the cover.  It is full of historical information about the songs and the instruments, plus recipes, photos, a bunch of artwork by me, and sheet music for each piece.    

While the majority of the 1000 copies have already been shipped out to the initial kickstarter backers, and my early website pre-orderers, I have around 60 left.   Once they are all gone, that will be it, so please snap up a copy soon if you would like one!


Thank you again!

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